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Jerome Lacorte

Nickname:The Lucky Boy
Other Interests:Friends and family
Favorite Spot:Rainbow Lake
Location:Bordeaux, France
Personal Best:65lb
An item that you wouldn't go fishing without:My radio

Carp and Catfish expert Jerome has been fishing from a very early age, always aiming to catch more and bigger fish. At the age of 14 the English carp scene influenced Jerome an awful lot and helped to shape his carp fishing.

Having targeted big-carp waters both in France and the UK  over the years, adaptability and the ability to alter his tactics to suit whatever style of angling is needed for a given lake has seen Jerome become an incredibly successful angler.

Currently, Jerome is the official guide at Rainbow Lake, with more than 15 years of experience on that particular, famous water. Along with his carp fishing, he’s a passionate catfish angler, and a very successful one at that having caught huge cats from the River Saone and Petit Rhone in France and the Segre in Spain.