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Dave Wood

Other Interests:Anything fishing related
Location:Guilford, Surrey
Personal Best:59lb 12oz
An item that you wouldn't go fishing without:Polaroid glasses
At the tender age of 4 my dad took me fishing for the first time and I loved it. It's wasn't until I was a few years older I hooked my first carp on the top two sections of a pole. It was after this that my obsession with carp fishing started. 
Over the last decade I have fished a variety of waters building my skills on WDAA waters and working though venues such as Papercourt and Kingsmead Island Lake. All of which I have been lucky enough to have some great results on. In between my "syndicate" style of fishing I enjoy nothing more than spending a few hours floater fishing or going down the canal. Last year I had a 36lb mirror from the Basingstoke canal that dates back 40 odd years, a capture that will live long in my memory.
More recently I have been getting my teeth stuck into my new syndicate Stoneacres on the Linch Hill complex in Oxford. I have had  a couple of fish this year with it being a challenging water I am more than happy with that. I intend to keep you all updated with my progress up their with video updates and diarys. 
Being part of the Solar Team is something I have tremendous pride in doing. With all the new products coming out in the new year existing times are indeed ahead of us!