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    This impressive 45lb common has been landed by team member Julien Porquest from a pressured, big-fish venue. A Candy Floss pop-up fished over The Originals did the business.

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The Overnighter

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Last Updated: 3rd August 2016
Hitting the banks of the Waesmere syndicate on Friday, team member Wesley Lagaert managed 4 bites in under 24-hours, the biggest fishing being an old mirror that tipped the scales at 33lb 6oz.
“I had 4 bites from Friday night until Saturday morning,” explains Wes. “So, there wasn’t much sleep involved! I lost a small one at the net and, frustratingly, lost a real good ‘un shortly after due to a very odd occurrence.
“Things picked up after that though and I landed a 28lb 10oz common and then a really old mirror of 33lb 6oz.
“On Saturday morning I headed home with mixed feelings, but decided to get the rods out for Saturday night on the Integra syndicate near my home. By 1am I’d landed 4 carp, all good twenties, but I was so tired that I reeled in and went to bed. Is that a sign of getting old or what?!
“All of the bites came over a bed of TunaMino boilies with a snowman hook bait with a Chilli Club pop-up.”


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