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    The Originals Club Mix boilies have helped German based Alfons Schambeck land the biggest carp in his syndicate water, this impressive 67lb common.

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A Hard-Won Bronze Medal For Soren Poulsen

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Last Updated: 23rd August 2016
Despite coming almost last out of the draw bag in Denmark’s largest carp fishing competition, Solar field tester Soren Poulsen and his angling partner finished on the podium, taking 3rd place overall out of 24 teams.
Candy Floss boilies soaked in Marine 17 liquid did the trick, as Soren explains:
“At the end of last week I attended Denmark's largest carp competition, which ran from Thursday to Sunday. It was held on a huge, 520-acre lake, where 24 pairs competed, some of which were from outside Denmark, with a number of German anglers participating too.
“The competition started with the draw for swim choice. We unfortunately pulled number 18, which meant that we were among the last of the pairs to choose a swim. The result was that the swim we chose certainly wasn’t our favorite, but we had to take a risk given that all of our preferred swims were taken.
“The first night, there was no luck. We caught a few bream, but otherwise nothing happened.
New tactics were employed for the second night and I sliced 2kg of Candy Floss boilies and left them to soak in a bucket of lake water, washing them out, for 12 hours. I then soaked the baits in Marine 17 liquid for 3 hours before putting an equal amount over each of the 3 spots, with a Candy Floss snowman hook bait presented on each.
“During the second night I finally connected with one of the lake’s carp. After a hectic fight among a lot of weed I managed to net a very nice mirror of 28lb 4oz.
The fishing was hard and that fish bumped us into 3rd place overall.
“On the 3rd and final night last night we thought we’d try something a bit different and I spent a lot of time looking for a new spot. Eventually I found an area that seemed perfect, an so baited it with more washed-out, Marine-17-soaked boilies and placed a Candy Floss snowman hook bait over the top once again.
“Early the next morning I was awakened by a blistering run from the new spot. After another hectic fight, and more problems with the weed, I slipped a stunning mirror carp of 28lb 8oz into my net.
“The rod was quickly put out on the same spot again and I’d just put the rod on the buzz bar when it went again.
“This fish got stuck in the weed and the hook pulled. We were gutted because it felt like another good fish. No time to waste the rod was put back on the spot and the same scenario played out again. I’d barely put the rod down when it tore off again. This time I managed to get the fish in, and a golden common of 18lb was the result.
“With other teams also adding to their tallies, we didn’t quite manage to get higher than 3rd place, but the three carp secured the bronze-medal position for us.
“Considering that we ended up in an ‘unpopular’ area in a swim that we wouldn’t have otherwise chosen, we were really pleased to finish 3rd out of the 24 pairs.”


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