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    40lb+ MIRROR

    Alain Servaes has landed this old, scaly mirror at 40lb 4oz along with 9 other carp over 20lb in a single overnight session while using the Originals Club Mix boilies.

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Is This The Best Big-Carp Capture Of 2016?

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Last Updated: 22nd November 2016
We’ve all had a big capture that we’ll remember forever, but what about this for a chat-topping big-carp capture.
Earlier this year, during the summer that now seems a distant memory, German-based angler Christian Espert a sixty and a seventy in under 12 hours while using our famous, Club Mix boilies.
Having prepared his own Club Mix baits and air-dried them until they were rock hard, Christian used a throwing stick to bait an area at extreme range. Fishing a Club Mix hook bait over the top, he landed this big mirror at 66lb 8oz. Incredibly, less than 12 hours Christian had another pick off from the same spot, on the same tactics. After a colossal fight, a huge, long common lay in his net. Tipping the scales at 71lb 4oz Christian couldn’t believe what he’d achieved!
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