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    40lb+ MIRROR

    Alain Servaes has landed this old, scaly mirror at 40lb 4oz along with 9 other carp over 20lb in a single overnight session while using the Originals Club Mix boilies.

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Rounding Off A Great Season

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Last Updated: 19th December 2016
On his last session of 2016, Solar Tackle fieldtester Peter Zyla has landed three carp, including this 33lb mirror, which has capped off a fantastic season for the German-based angler.
With air temperatures down to 3°C and a southeasterly wind, conditions were far from perfect for Peter’s session.
“The water temperature was a little higher than the air temperature at 5°C, but I was still up against it,” says Peter.
“Targeting an area at 30-metres from the bank, which was 5.5 metres deep, I baited with a small spread of TunaMino baits. These new baits have produced some great results for me this year during testing. I opted to fish a Top Banana pop-up over the top of the freebies, as I wanted a visual hook bait to grab the carp’s attention in the clear water.
“Over the course of 24 hours I landed three carp, topped by this 33lb mirror. What a great way to round off a fantastic season.”
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