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    Fieldteser Clement Pelissier has landed this incredible 87lb common while out fishing with our new test baits on a private water in central France.

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Jake Lands A Rare 38lb Mirror

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Last Updated: 29th March 2017

Team member Jake Anderson has landed this awesome, 38lb mirror, which is one of the rarer residents of Mid Kent Fisheries Tonford Lake to grace the banks.

At the end of a blank session on Sunday, Jake had a walk around Tonford Lake. With the spring sunshine warming the water in front of a swim at one end of the lake, Jake scatteded a dozen 18mm freebies on a short-range spot that he knew from a previous trip.

Returning to the lake after work on the Monday evening Jake arrived to find 4 other anglers already set up on the small lake. Thankfully, they were all at the opposite end to where he’d prebaited the evening previous.

Flicking two rods on to the spot, a dozen more of his ‘winter mix’ freebies made with Mixmaster Esterblend 12 liquid were scattered around the spot and both rods were baited with hook baits to match.

Within an hour Jake’s efforts paid off and a feisty 22lb common was soon being hoisted up for the camera. The night passed quietly until a few bleeps at 6:15am saw Jake back in action.

Following a dogged fight in open water a large mirror slip over the cord of the waiting net.

“As it slid into the net I thought it looked like an upper 20 or even a low thirty,” explained Jake. “It wasn’t until I lifted it out of the water and saw the width across its back that I knew it was bigger. On the scales the big mirror pulled the needle  round to 38lb.

“I couldn’t have been happier,” continued Jake. “Especially as this is one of the rarer Tonford carp to grace the bank. Also, I’d landed my first two Tonford carp of the year after a tough winter.”

With the bit between his teeth, Jake returned to the lake that night after work and bagged another 22lb common, proving that you have to make the most of it when the going’s good.


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