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    40lb+ MIRROR

    Alain Servaes has landed this old, scaly mirror at 40lb 4oz along with 9 other carp over 20lb in a single overnight session while using the Originals Club Mix boilies.

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I watched as it picked up the hook bait...

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Last Updated: 26th April 2017

Dutch field tester, Gunther, has landed his first fish of the year, this 33lb two-tone mirror.

Gunther explains: "Stalking is my favourite way of fishing, and Watched this one feeding face-deep in the silt on my shallow spot. I probated the area 2 days before the session using chilli hemp and 14mm Candy Floss boilies. 
"With the mirror's back towards me as it fed on the spot I gently lowered in a 14mm Candy Floss hook bait. 15 minutes later all hell broke loose as the fish picked up the bait and tore off out into the lake... awesome!"


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