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Pastures New

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Last Updated: 17th May 2017

It’s a funny thing here in the United States that with the numerous untouched waters conveniently placed within reach for the average American that so many of us beat the same waters to death, and quite often for the same fish as well.

Around late 2015 early 2016 I came to a personal decision to only fish new waters, or waters that were somewhat known but were known to be exceptionally tough. Sticking to this I spent a period of around 6 months with no results. Checking social media sites became a deed of frustration as I was consistently watching my friends have great results at the tried and tested, straight and narrow waters. This lack of action brought obstructions at home as well, while I typically never bring home stress from my profession the shortfalls of my sessions was bringing a sense of malaise.

This isn’t the typical ‘found a gold mine and broke a PB’ story, but rather finding a spot that meets the needs after months of dissatisfaction. Upon finding this new water I cannot say I was even slightly excited to leave for a two night session, at most I was hoping I’d be comfortable, the surrounding terrain would be pleasant, and have a good time with a few good friends.

The fish came into the swim quickly, easily, and without apprehension with myself drawing first blood with a 27lb common in the early hours of the first morning. North America is dotted with, for the most part, the same unvaried strains fish. Generally a common from 6lb to 18lb with a sharp forked tale, lean and long, and generally very strong due to having to quickly maneuver the large bodies of water they inhabit, but these fish were inherently different. They were shorter and deeper-bodied, which immediately pointed to them having been stocked into this particular reservoir, more so than their nomadic, lean counterparts.

Has this somewhat local paradise compensated for the 6 months of nothing that I experienced this year? Not hardly! I’m far from getting my fill on this new water, but it’s great to find a new, exciting venue with a different strain of fish and… get a few under my belt on the first session.


All fish were caught on either size 4 Stronghold Longshank Hooks, or Solar size 6 Stronghold 101 hooks. Baits of choice seemed to be the 4th Rod Special pop-ups, or an 18mm Candy floss snowman rig topped with a Club and Toffee popup.


Until next time.

Erick Maybury