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One Night, Two Forties

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Last Updated: 4th September 2012

In early August I saw that work was catching up with me, which I knew would affect my fishing enormously. With the summer holidays with the missus approaching soon also, this meant that the rods were going to stay in their sleeves for a while.

The conditions were just too perfect for me not to be on the bank, so I decided to Squeeze in a quick overnighter. The downside of this was that I really needed to be at work well before 9am because I had a meeting scheduled that could not be delayed. Packing up early would mean that I was going to miss out on a fair bit of bite time, but at least I’d be fishing.

As expected, the night passed uneventfully and it wasn’t until first light that I could lay a gigantic dumpy mirror on the mat. This was a fish that I’d caught towards the end of 2011, but now it had clearly grown a bit. Weighing in at over 49lb this was a welcome result for just an overnighter.

While setting up the tripod and preparing everything for some self takes the remaining rod belted off! Being on a tight schedule, I decided to play the fish quite hard, putting a good bend in the rod, but the opponent was not likely to give up soon. Confident that my reasonably basic setup consisting of an Unleaded leader, lead clip, Easy Strip hook link and a size 6 101 hook would hold firm, there was nothing to fear. Eventually, some twenty minutes or so later, a long, lean common slid into the confines of my landing net mesh. It turned out to be the Lightning Common at 42lb, well down in weight for this particular fish, but nevertheless very welcome!

After a couple self takes he was put back, closely followed by his more obese and less scaly friend, which had been waiting patiently in a sling in the margins.

After a speedy race to work I arrived just in time, although a bit smelly, for the meeting.

Until next time, Geert Ooms