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Away From The Crowd

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Last Updated: 27th November 2012

Before the madness of the holidays started in our Toyshop I decided to fish a short session in mid France. This was likely to be the last session of the year, until things calmed down again after Christmas.

I planned four nights fishing on a 25 hectare public lake. The pressure on this lake is enormous, but then so are the carp that swim here.

With temperatures dropping fast and cold nights ahead I arrived on a Thursday to start my session. At first sight it didn’t look very promising, mainly because there were five tents already bivvied up around the central area of the lake. However, this amount of anglers is quite normal on this water, so I my plan was simply to get as far from these anglers as possible and fish along the forest bank. The swims on this side of the lake are very difficult to reach and are only accessible by foot. I\'m not really in to walking for miles with all my gear though and I had brought my moped along with a small trailer. This plan worked brilliantly and without any trouble or sweat I reached the swims on the far side of the forest bank.

As I arrived I saw fish jumping in this section and I baited three spots with 2kg of Chinese Take-Away/Esterblend boilies and a bucket of 365 pellets. Rather than cast out straight away I decided to rest the swim for the first few hours and not start fishing until the following morning. I prepared my rods, all with the Solar’s running lead clip setup because the fish on this lake are far from stupid and I felt that a running lead would be an advantage.

In the days that followed luck was on my side. The first take came just one hour after I dropped my rigs, resulting in a 44lb 4oz mirror. Then the show went on and four mid thirty\'s ended up in my net. On the third night though my luck peaked when a 46lb 6oz mirror and a common of 52lb 8oz both fell to the running rigs.

I was over the moon, happy as a kid in candy store. With my head in the clouds I had one day and one night to go, but that morning I received a phone call from my misses. Her dad was found at home with a serious heart attack and was struggling for his life. I packed my gear away faster than ever before and within a half hour I was on my way back to Holland.

Joy and sorrow are often close together.

Take care, Roderick Langeveld