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A Winter's Tale

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Last Updated: 18th December 2012

This year autumn has not been producing as much as it usually does and, having passed a fantastic time on the bank,  I wasn’t planning on a huge winter campaign. Although fishing in winter creates a special atmosphere but to be honest, I’ve slept so many nights in the blistering cold that I can no longer appreciate the freezing conditions that I used to be in. Last weekend, after spending a pleasant evening out in the pub and working on the Solar Tackle stand with the Solarboys at the VBK show the very next day, I felt like going fishing. What can you expect, every conversation in the pub and on the show was about all things carpy. These weekends are tiring due to the lack of sleep, the number of beers in the pub and speaking to people all the time but I really love it. It’s always nice to see people that you haven’t seen for a long time and to hear all those the great stories. It was late on that Saturday night that I grabbed some bits and bobs together to take off to the lake, shortly afterwards. Arriving in the early morning hours it was matter of putting the rods out and trying to get some much needed sleep.

Just a couple of hours later I was woken by the rain that was tapping on my umbrella. It was really pouring down and I just realized that this time of year it’s probably not the best situation to be fishing in. I gave it ‘till midday when the sky cleared and packed up dry, just to go home and enjoy the warmth of a nice shower. Although I didn’t see any activity, I enjoyed the time on the bank. Now it’s just a matter of waiting for the next occasion to have another go or maybe it’s just counting down towards the next show.

That’s it for now, leaves me to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Roll on 2013!