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Jump-starting the season!

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Last Updated: 9th May 2013

Finally, after months of head aching stress in the factory and working too many hours my long awaited holidays were around the corner. Not that I’d missed a lot ‘cause so far it seemed that everyone was reluctant that this everlasting winter came to an end and trying to spend as much time as they could on the bank. Although it was obvious that the carp were clearly not awake yet. Except for the odd fish here and there not much action was reported and I couldn’t help but smile, knowing that by the time the fish were wide awake, I’d be out there chasing them.

So came, after two fruitless attempts on the river, the first night on the syndicate. Having learnt from past mistakes, this year no effort was put in before the water temperature was high enough and that moment had come. The first mission would be, due to other commitments, an overnighter. Would the stress and the lot of obligations never cease? All the appointments that “could not wait” and “things that had to be done” were  driving me close to insanity! It was time to go fishing, for Christ’s sake, why didn’t everybody just leave me alone, doing what I love to do? Anyway, after a delightful journey through a painstaking rush hour I got to the location and was relieved to see that the swim I fancied was free.  While installing my kit, it became clear that I’d arrived not a minute too early ‘cause another member showed up, planning to fish that same swim... Sometimes you’re lucky, sometimes you’re not.

When the transistor radio played “ChanChan” by “The Buena Vista Social Club” my mood all changed and it was time to relax. Before the night set in a stockie, in the range of lower twenties was landed. The fins and belly were full of parasites, proving that this one had just waken up out of its state of hibernation.

Always nice to catch the first fish, on a new bait as well! I’d taken the new Seafood Takeaway boilies with me to see how the carp in here would respond to them. Judging by the first quick action, this could be a winner! Although my expectations were high, no further action came and before midday I was on my way home, a little gutted that I wasn’t able to stay for another night.

The next week, I could fish for two nights and what was more, the conditions were absolutely spot on! After two warm days, the wind was about to change and would batter the shallow water to where I was planning to fish. It took twenty four motionless hours for the weather to change but then everything fell into place. My baits had been perfectly placed with a generous sprinkling of 18mm Seafood Takeaway boilies around it and not long after the wind swung around and started to push the warm water around, the first signs of activity began to show. Well, to cut a long story short, in the next twelve hours I landed 9 nine fish, a couple of them were nice thirties but what pleased me the most was that one of them was an original old common that tipped the scales round to 37lb.

Once the wind had settled, the action faded and again it was time for me to head home. Now it was just a matter of time before I’d be back, knowing that I had oceans of time to make up the lost spring! How that will proceed, you’ll find out keeping an eye on this space!

Thight lines,