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One Of The World's Biggest Commons

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Last Updated: 29th May 2013

Tom Duncan-Dunlop has landed one of the world’s biggest commons in the shape of the Eric’s Common at 85lb. Tom takes up the story of a capture that’ll stay with him forever:

“I arrived by plane in to Bordeaux on the Friday, then met up with Colin \'The Welsh Wizard\' Richards who was my fishing partner for this May session in Swim 5 at Rainbow Lake. Discussions started about Eric\'s Common from the start and we had a bet that if either of us caught it then they would have to pay the hotel, food and drinks bill! Colin got off to a flyer by catching a cracking 64lb common on the Sunday. Before I went to Rainbow I did my homework and knew of a few spots that the big common had been caught from previously. Shaun MacSpadden caught this great fish around the same time last year and was kind enough to share his info with me, as did a few others.

“During the first week my fishing was pretty slow with just two fish on my right hand side of the swim. On the Monday, after a shopping trip, all the rods went back out, changing two spots as I’d seen fish move in the new area. As I travelled out by plane I didn\'t have much bait with me and I\'d been saving Solar\'s new Seafood Takeaway  boilies for my second week, in case I did move the rods around a bit. All the spots got a kilo of the change bait, then it was a question of sitting back to see what would happen. ‘Big Fish Thursday’ had me in the boat at 12.30am and a 65lb 10oz common ended up in my photo album.

“Then, around 1.30pm, rod three was away, but this time the bend on the rod was totally different and the thoughts of my target fish entered my mind. Every time I went to the club house where there are three pictures of Eric\'s Common, I kissed my finger and touched its photo, and as I played the fish I knew this had to be the one. When this monster popped up it was confirmed. 

“Before I came away to Rainbow I made a promise to my Mum, who sadly isn\'t here any more, that if she could help me catch it then it would not come out of the water, and it didn\'t. Arjen and Tony came round to do the photos and we weighed it in the water. It weighed 85lb, and all photos were taken in the water too.

”Thanks to Pascal, Nadine, Paul and Max for always making me feel so welcome at Rainbow Lake; Martin Locke and all the guys at Solar Tackle; as well as my new sponsors Nash, Diem and ATT.

”The successful set-up was a Solar Stronghold 101 size 2 hook, 40lb Contour Unleaded hook link and leader, Shimano reel loaded with 25lb Nash Bullit braid, and H-Gun rods, Kev Garrett lead in 10oz. The hook bait was a small Brazil nut topped with a solar Dairy Cream pop-up, fished over a bed of Solar’s new Seafood Take-Away boilies. Thanks to Colin Richards and Arjen who helped make it such a memorable trip.”