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Rainbow Session

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Last Updated: 25th June 2013

“I have just returned from a great session at the mighty Rainbow Lake in the south of France. I fished swim 5 with my mate Jan Nolet and it was a rocky trip to say the least.

The Italian guys who fished this swim the week before us had 4 fish for the week, so it looked like it could be tough going for our session.

“Surprisingly, it kicked off really well, with a low thirty for me and the elusive Half-Tail Mirror at 27.1kg (59lb 6oz) for Jan, which smashed his PB by some 5kg.

“Then we started struggling with several hook pulls, just a second’s contact and then the hook flew out. After a few lost fish we lenghtened the hook links from 25cm to 35-40cm, but that didn’t seem to solve the problem. After a few more hook pulls we decided to change from the very successful Kebab Rigs over to delicate snowman presentations with just a small dumbell and a piece of plastic. The reason for this was that we had a lot of relatively smaller fish, for Rainbow, and the Kebab is really something for the big fish. So that could be the problem with the hook pulls.

“After changing presentations we landed the nine fish out of the following10 takes. So, luckily we were able to asses the situation and could turn it round in our favour. We had a lot of rain during the week, with 36 hours of non stop rain at some points. The water level of the lake rose 15cm over the week, and Rainbow isn’t a small pond.

“All fish were caught using the awesome Seafood Take Away dumbells, 50% of which we soaked in Marine 17 and mixed with 50% straight out of the bag. Rigs incorporated 40lbs Unleaded and size 1 and 2 Stronghold 101s with an 80lb Unleaded Leader. Lead Systems were 10oz Rainbow leads on lead clips (thanks Kev for sorting me out with them).

“We ended up with 19 fish out of 29 bites with the biggest being a 27.1kg (59lb 6oz), 23.2 kg (51lb), 20kg (44lv) and 19.1kg (42lb 2oz). So, it was a bumpy ride, but I’m already counting down until my next trip come November.”