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Success On A 100-Hectare Lake

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Last Updated: 8th July 2013

In the continuing search of new, interesting public waters in France to target I met two very friendly Dutch anglers. These guys, whose nicknames are Spik and Span, were wondering around the same lake somewhere in mid France as the same time I was, in search of the same thing that I was.

We decided to combine forces and share all the information we each had about this new and quiet location and continue to do so for as long as we fished there.

On our first visit we struggled with some regulation obstacles. The 100-hectare venue needed a special approach, but finally, on a lonely short-sessions the lake gave up some of its prizes.

After heavy baiting with a mix of Chinese Take Away, Club Mix and particles, the fish went mental. In 48 hours of hard work, 22 carp saw the inside of my net and 80% of the fish were drop dead, lovely commons. At those moments there’s nothing netter than being a carp angler. Enjoying the freedom of those rare, peaceful lakes and sharing them only with anglers who can also appreciate what we’re trying to achieve. It\'s nice to be out there, have fun!