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Wesley Lagaert's Carp Diary - July/August 2013

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Last Updated: 5th September 2013

Well, last time you heard off me I mentioned that I would restart fishing again halfway August and by then summer, would well and truly be upon us. Due to the lovely, warm summer weather, it was obvious that the fishing would be slow and that the feeding times would be restricted largely to the hours of darkness, while in the daytime they would be spending many hours cruising around in the upper layers or just lying in the weed beds doing nothing.

As for now, my work at building up the saloon had come to an end and I was luckily able to fish a few nights in July. I didn’t bait up too much, as I didn’t expect that the fish would be up for a big feed. I blanked all night and woke up at 9am sweating like a horse. Out off the sleeping bag, well aware that bite time was well and truly gone, I reeled in the rods and hoped for a second chance the following night.

This time, things fell in my favour and I on that second night I landed 3 nice fish, all mirrors. The warm rays from the sun were giving it their best again and just as I was thinking about reeling in, I received a couple off bleeps, which I struck. Expecting a slimy bream on the end, the thought further strengthened by a few light bumps as I reel the fish in with ease, it wasn’t until the fish was right in the margin that it woke up. After a 15-minute battle under the rod tip a lovely mirror came to the surface and was soon sulking in the landing net. The original mirror named ‘Orange’ weighed 37lb and after putting it back left me a very happy angler.

While packing up it dawned on me that, by now, I’d caught a fair few carp over the last couple off weeks without losing a single one. To say I’m happy using the Solar Stronghold 101’s is an understatement!

July remained incredibly hot and ended up in the record books as one off the 10 hottest summer months ever in Belgium. As is often the case with long, hot periods, you sometimes get severe thunderstorms, which drifted into the country on the last weekend off July.  It was so bad that in the north of France an angler died after a tree fell and landed on his bivvy and some mates of mine who were also fishing in that same region had their cars ruined by huge hailstones.

Over here in Belgium we were quite lucky as we were spared the hardest part of the storms, but sadly we did find our oldest original carp on Integra Lake, a big fish called The Hemp Fish, dead. It was this particular carp that made me first fish this lake more then 18 years ago. It was even the first ever carp that I caught over 44lb as a young lad. Good and fond memories!

I planned a four-day session with my mate Angelo for the second week of August, so during the first week we were eager the get some bait into the lake. Our session was planned to co-inside with a low-pressure front, combined with a full moon. We just knew the carp would be ‘having it’ and hoped that we’d catch a biggun a piece. My rigs were soaked from the week before in Solar’s Stimulin Amino for extra attraction. I didn’t use snow man set-ups as I believe that on a well pre-baited swim, the best choice of presentation is simply bottom baits, or a bottom bait in combination with a Solar Everlasting Hook Bait for that extra bit off attraction. An Everlasting Hook Bait also makes your hook bait lighter, which I think helps to get a good hook hold. Wednesday evening and our spirits were sky-high. We were fishing our rods over a big area and we both scattered 2kg freebies around the rods, only to catch a bream each in less then 30 minutes. This can only mean one good thing, that all the introduced bait over the last week had been eaten.  Evening fell and Angelo landed 3 fish that first night, the biggest was a lovely 37lb common. I had to wait until early morning before my turn, when landed 2 lovely mirrors to 33lb. This was definitely a good start so we kept the bait going in after every take we received. Due to last year’s stocking we now have a healthy population of really young carp in Integra Lake, resulting in more mouths to feed. It is definitely more difficult now to pick out the better fish, but in years to come the future looks pretty bright.

As the session wore on we kept catching fish every night/morning, but Angelo caught the biggest in the shape of a scale-perfect common at just over 44lb. We’d had a great time, landed 17 carp between us and it seemed our timing was just perfect. A week later I was unable to get the rods out and Angelo caught my target fish in the shape of The Linear at 42lb. Hopefully just in time to make another appearance by the end of the year with me as its captor. I landed another good number of carp with a good head of twenties topped by a 38lb mirror on my last session in August, so we’re running into the autumn months and things are looking good for plenty more action.

September is just around the corner and everybody knows that big fish time is coming – autumn. The second weekend off September our annual Solar fish-in will take place so I’m really looking forward to that and I’ll let you know how it all goes next time.

Until then, good luck.

Wesley Lagaert.


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