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A Good Way To End The Summer... An Even Better Way To Start Autumn!

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Last Updated: 11th July 2012

At the end of an almost non-existing summer with plenty of action and the odd decent fish, I finally caught one out of the top five of the lake’s heavier inhabitants; a fish that I was secretly hoping for. Weighing just under 44lb it was clearly a bit down in weight, but hey, I didn’t mind. This was a decent fish to end the summer with. Like all of my other summer captures the Chinese Take-Away did what it was supposed to do… deliver!

Then came October, a month that I was impatiently awaiting. Fishing a deep sand pit, I hoped that the decreasing water temperatures would get the fish feeding. What I thought would happen appeared to be slightly overestimated though because this month saw me banking just two fish despite the enormous amount of time spent on the bank. The first was a mid-twenty common and the second one turned out to be a bit bigger. This extremely high-shouldered mirror had fought for over twenty minutes and almost made me think that I was playing one of the elusive commons that this pit houses. You can imagine my surprise when sliding the net underneath this massive mirror. 

Not a bad result at 44lb, but there are so many bigger fish to hope for. This mirror proved that the Unleaded is a strong and resistant leader material. It came back unscratched even though it had rubbed across several drop offs with zebra mussels present.

Until now the consistent efforts of sparsely baiting up and fishing regularly were not rewarded and the autumn does turn out to be a hard one. Anyway, it ain’t over yet and there’s still hope for one exceptionally big lump so maybe you’ll read more about that in a couple of weeks.

Geert Ooms