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Wesley Lagaert Carp Diary - Oct/Nov 2013

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Last Updated: 2nd December 2013

After a fantastic September my mood was sky high and the search of another big lump in winter colours was well and truly on. I fished a couple of Friday nights on another lake together with my mate Alain Servaes, which resulted in some lovely 20lb commons for him while I remained fishless. As I struggled on this certain lake, I decided to leave that particular venue for the rest of the year and maybe to return next year.

One Friday evening I had baited quite heavily at my ‘home lake’, the syndicate water at the bottom of my garden, and the plan was to fish there from Saturday until Monday morning. Just as I started the session my wife told me I was only able to fish till 7am the next morning, so I knew pretty well the short night would end up in a blank.

I’d forgotten that we had some family visits to do on Sunday, so I ruined my own chances. Nevertheless, I tried fishing four single hook baits over the pre-baited area, but as expected it was all to no avail. Over the next couple of days we received some pretty heavy weather, a big south westerly combined with lots off rain, which is big-fish time in any angler’s book. I was quite astonished when, come Sunday morning I had only received one take, which resulted in a low twenty.

I’d left the rods in as a recast was out of the question due to the severe wind; it was like fishing on the sea.

By late afternoon I’d already given up hope when I received a steady take and started playing a slow-moving carp. Shortly after, the heavens opened and the carp fell off, leaving me soaking wet cursing everything that came into my mind… I reeled in the rods and I was well angry with the world!

Luckily the next few sessions resulted in some good fish and finally the carp gods were again kind to me. I ended the month of October with a lovely, scaled hard-fighting beauty, which was a perfect end of a great fishing month. The weather would stay pretty warm for the following weeks so, I was giving it my utmost to keep introducing a little bit of bait every other day. I kept receiving takes on a constant basis, but the big fish I was hoping for was still missing.

Then, out off the blue one afternoon I received a savage take on a spot, which hadn’t produced for 3 weeks. ‘This could be the one I had been waiting for’, was the thought running through my mind. After a very spirited fight a lovely big mirror was sulking in the landing net. The fish was recognised as a well-known mirror called Pfeiffer, and weighed its biggest ever weight of 21kg (46lb).

I was well happy and enjoyed a few beers to celebrate with my mate Dirk who did the honors with the camera. As luck would have it, within the next couple of days I’d landed another big common, which hadn’t been out for over a year. By now, almost the end off November, the cold has set in and my fishing is probably going to end for a while at least.

Until next time. Wesley Lagaert.