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Spring Thoughts

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Last Updated: 16th July 2012

As the temperature is getting higher and the weather is improving I am getting out for my first session this year.

Often, action starts at the beginning of March on the shallow lakes, up to 15-feet deep. As the water starts warming up the insects will start hatching and enticing all fish to start feeding, including big carp, and often close to the bank too.

I try to locate the fish on sunny days and I usually carry a bucket of mixed-size Solar The Secret and Top Banana pellets along with a few grains of sweetcorn.

If I can not find the fish, for example during overcast days, I just drop a handful of bait in any likely looking areas, such as overhanging trees, weed beds anywhere that the carp may patrol during the first few warm days of the year.

I want to attract them towards my hook bait by using high-smelling, highly visible, attractor boilies.

I use the chod-rig to do the job and present my pineapple pop-up one inch from the bottom.

Of course it is not just catching carp that makes this time exciting, but also being outdoors and seeing the nature at its best after a cold winter! 

Keep hauling, Ronald Margadant