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One week, 28 carp, 26 of which were over 15kg (33lb)

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Last Updated: 8th August 2012

With spring being very busy on the work front, I decided to take a week of at the end of June and fish a big, mountain dam in the center of France.

My tactics were different this time around compared to what I usually put my faith in. For the first four days I was pre-baiting different spots with a mixture of air-dried, 20mm, Solar Club Mix and Red Herring boilies.

The plan was to fish on a spot for a few hours and then move to another baited area, baiting the first spot and returning to it again later in the session, working the various spots in rotation. If I hadn’t caught from one area then I’d leave it for at least 24-hours before returning.

With night fishing on this water forbidden, as well as the use of a boat, everything was kept rather basic. I slept under the stars between fishing and stuck to using two rods in the margins throughout the days.

It worked brilliantly, resulting in 28 takes over the course of the session. Better still, Solar’s 101s hooks didn’t let me down once and all 28 takes resulted in a carp on the bank. Unbelievably, only two of the fish were under 15kg, the average being 18kg and the biggest being a stunning mirror of 24.8kg.

If only every session cold be that productive!

Ronald Margadant