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Kick-starting the 2017 season with 50lb+ commons!

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Last Updated: 18th April 2017

Holland-based Solar Tackle team member Dennis de Wilde recalls the kick-start to his 2017 season, a week-long trip in swim 19 of the famous Rainbow Lake… and 50lb+ commons certainly aren’t a bad way to start any new season! Dennis explains:


“It was time for my first trip of the year to Rainbow, and boy I was looking forward to it! After the winter season with angling shows now out of the way, and of course with the carp waking up, it was time to dust off the rods and get out there.

“A trip to the mighty Rainbow was on the agenda and in particular a week in swim 19 for this trip. It’s a legendary swim with many great captures in the past, so for sure it was a swim that I had wanted to fish for a long time.

“In the last few years it has not been the easiest swim on the lake and especially in spring it can be tough. The Belgian anglers fishing swim 19 for the week before me only had 1 small carp for their efforts and the few weeks before that were even worse with some guys blanking completely.

“But, the weather had been very mild, and my experience is that at this time of the year some wind and rain are far better conditions to stir the carp up in Rainbow. So with the first 2 days exactly forecast for wind and rain it looked as though we had the timing perfect!

“On the Sunday, after setting up on Saturday, the first few fish were caught around the lake and right away some real monsters put in an appearance. We had to wait a bit longer though and after changing some rods to fish shallower areas action slowly started to pick up. “After the first few smaller fish I started to catch some better ones and the last 4 fish got bigger and bigger. I was fully expecting to get some more fish, but the weather got warmer and warmer and the nights got colder and colder under the clear sky. Normally on Rainbow the build up of the week means the best part is the last few days, but this week it was the other way round. All due the weather conditions I guess.

“In the end I caught 7 fish, so was well happy with the result. For Rainbow standards they weren’t true monsters, with the biggest fish being a common of 52lb, but they were big enough for me to drive home with a nice smile and a great start of the season for me!

“Bits used were the awesome Solar Tunamino baits that are still on a test period (now in their second year all guys rave about it) and a test batch of the old Red Herring boilies, which might make a come back a few other old classics… watch this space!