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The Long One At 52lb 9oz - Incredible

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Last Updated: 14th September 2012

As I caught a 44lbs common from under Nick Helleur’s nose last Saturday, as he was over in Belgium fishing with myself, I left Nick to fish alone for his last night as I had to go for dinner. Nick left on Sunday morning and I took over from him in the swim and started fishing it that Sunday evening.

The swim had now been fished, and been producing carp, for almost 10 days in a row, which meant that there had been a lot off pressure in that particular area and the fish were probably going to be ‘spooky’ and on edge. The previous weekend had been really hot and the fish were showing again in the shallows way out off my region. I gave them quite a bit off bait in the way of Club Mix boilies on Sunday evening in the hope that maybe some fish were still moving around, but I woke up Monday morning to the bobbins still in the same position. I reeled in the rods and did some bits and bobs as I had two weeks off work and nothing really special to do but enjoying myself. On Monday evening the rods were cast back out and a decent amount Club Mix was spread over the area. The weather was still pretty warm, but a low pressure front would come in on Tuesday/Wednesday, and hopefully that’d get them feeding again.

By Tuesday morning again nothing had happened except catching a single bream at midnight.  I wasn\'t able to fish Tuesday evening as my wife and I celebrated our three-year wedding anniversary in a restaurant owned by a friend. Before going out, of course I had to put some bait out as I just knew that it would get eaten any time now, especially as the conditions were improving by the minute.

Finally, Wednesday evening arrived and I just new I was going to catch. There was quite a strong southwesterly wind blowing combined with a bit off rain. At 9pm I received a screaming take, but when I picked up the rod I felt a bit resistance for a split second and then the line went slack. Oh well, better luck next time and the rod went back out to the same spot. It then started raining like mad until 3am, but two minutes after the rain stopped I received a drop back.

After reeling in the slack line I felt a strong force at the other end – it felt like a real good \'un. After a spirited fight in the margin, as the fish tried to snag me up several times, I finally landed the biggest mirror in the lake, a carp known as The Long One at 24kg (52lb 9oz). The pictures were taken a little later that morning by my wife before loading the fishing tackle straight into the van as we\'re leaving early tomorrow morning to go fishing in the Limoges area in France.

Until next time, Wesley Lagaert