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Wesley Lagaert's Carp Diary - September 2012

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Last Updated: 26th September 2012

After my success at the beginning off my holiday, which I wrote about last time, I could leave the lake with a big smile on my face and head to the south of France. The car was already packed from the day before so my wife Kelly and I woke up at 5am on Friday and left the house at 5:30.

It was the first time that my wife had accompanied me on a fishing trip, so the destination had to be spot on, otherwise it’d be the last too. As luck would have it a few weeks earlier, a good friend that goes by the name of Roland received a phone call from a couple of lake owners he knew. Due to a cancellation they had two weeks free in September. As Roland booked the lake for the first week, we took the second. It also meant we could fish together for a night as we changed over.

The plan was to fish at night and spend time during the days driving around in the region visiting castles, markets and the like. After a very good drive, we arrived at our destination at 1pm. Roland and his wife were already waiting, so after a quick chat we were off to a restaurant for a decent meal. 

Getting back to lake in the late afternoon it was time to get some bait out the lake while Kelly was sorting out our lodge. This week I would be fishing in style as we had the use of a lodge complete with kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. It all looked perfect and at sundown the rods were flicked out and we all sat outside on the big terrace enjoying a good beer/wine.

Barely two hours had passed when the first fish was in the net, and at 39lb it was a great start. That night I didn\'t get much sleep as, by day break, I’d landed eight carp, four of which were well over 33lb… what a night!

After taking the pictures it was time to have breakfast, which had already been prepared by Roland’s wife. Our farewells came all too soon though as, by midday, they left and we had the lodge to ourselves.

Heading off to the local shops that afternoon and driving around a bit to get a feel for the place, I actually bumped into met some Belgian and Dutch anglers that I know quite well. I thought that the lakes on this particular complex weren\'t really known, but it seemed that I’d under estimated the place somewhat as it seemed, on chatting to the lads, that they were quite prolific waters, and popular too. 

Back at the lake that evening I chucked the rods out and baited up quite heavily with Club Mix boilies. I though it’s take the fish a while to get on a big bed of bait and so the plan was to have a quiet night and get some rest. It wasn\'t to be. From midnight until 5am I was up, running down the bank while playing and landing carp and baiting up. By 5am though I was shattered and decided to leave the rods out to get some sleep for a few hours.

The following night I decided not to fish at all. I needed some rest and knew that if the rods were out then that wouldn’t happen. After a good night’s sleep I felt brand new again and the batteries were fully charged.

I kept the bait going in and when we returned to the lodge a bit earlier than the previous days I even started catching the odd one before dark. After a few days of heavy baiting every fish I had on the mat started crapping out the Club Mix… they were really ‘on it’. The week wore on, the weather stayed perfect and the catch rate remained consistent. I ended the trip with 30 carp, although it could have been a few more as I lost a few at the start of the week when I was using double hook baits. However, a change of setup to using a single bottom bait combined with an Everlasting Hook Bait meant that I didn’t lose another fish all week.

The average weight of the fish was incredible. I went home with 17carp over the 33lb, with the biggest three going 40lb, 43lbs and a 50lb mirror to top them all. On Friday morning we both left our lodge very happy and headed toward Belgium and home, arriving in the afternoon at our house.

Unloading all of the holiday gear and reloading the fishing tackle, just three hours after getting home a I was already on the way to the Solar fish-in at Ducklake in Belgium. Most off the swims were already taken by other team members when I arrived, but there was still a corner swim free which looked quite interesting to me. Of course, the fishing doesn\'t mean that much over the weekend, as it is more a social thing with all of the other team memebers.

We had two really good days and nights and a lot of fun was had by all. The only thing I can say is that we have an incredible team off fantastic friends. Alain Servaes landed a 20lb common on Saturday morning and Rogier Smit lost one at the net. As luck would have it I landed a 31lb mirror on the Sunday morning and Ronald Margadant landed a small common too. The weekend was over too soon, but an incredibly fun weekend was had! Thanks a lot fellas and of course a big thanks you to my fishing mate Alain Servaes for the lovely BBQ. Can\'t wait till next year and keep an eye on the Solar website for the unveiling of some awesome new products, the finalizing and tweaking of which was the ‘work’ side of the weekend team gathering.

Wesley Lagaert