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Have We Met Before!

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Last Updated: 2nd October 2012

Isn’t it strange that we sometimes spend ridiculous amounts of time chasing our target fish, or how we crave to catch that one, special fish and once our quest is completed the magic somehow disappears?

Last week I’ve headed out for a three-day session on one of my favorite venues. Oh man, it felt good to be back after an absence of seven weeks! Summer holidays were spent and the usual partying on the summer festivals was behind me, so it was high time to start doing some serious angling again.

Conditions couldn’t have been better. It was as if the had weather waited for me to be back on the bank. I’ve had some incredible results in stormy weather with gale force winds, and this was what faced me once more. The previous weeks I’d heard that some fish had been caught, but they certainly weren’t feeding properly to gain some winter fat just yet. With the temperatures now decreasing though, it would only be a matter of time before the long awaited autumnal feeding spell would commence.

 After spending a very quit first night a little doubt started to creep in. I began to wonder whether I’d prebaited too heavily, having baited up with 12kg of the ever-trusty Club Mix boilies in a big size to avoid the bream cleaning out the spot. It was a bit of a gamble, but honestly, a couple of decent fish should be able to eat this amount of bait in the three-day period before my session… shouldn’t they?

At noon a thunderstorm passed through and after being safe and sheltered in my indestructible Titan Bivvy I was more and more convinced that something was about to happen. The atmosphere was electric when the right-hand rod sprung to life. I wasn’t surprised to see this happening because sometimes you just know that it will.

What surprised me more was the sensation that I felt while the rod was flattened and the clutch started spinning like crazy. I had only experienced this feeling once before and that was when I caught the big Benelux record common in December 2011. Could it be that same fish again?

Considering the vast amount of water where it can hide out there was only a small chance of bumping into that same fish again. Besides, what are the odds of catching such a fish twice?

Well, to cut a long story short, after a fight that was very alike to the previous time, I landed the ‘Big One’ for the second time in one year! So yeah, sometimes the odds are right!

This time it was not at its biggest weight, which is to be expected at this time of year. Even so, with well over 74lb (33.8kg) registering on the scales it’s still an exceptional fish, but it looked nothing like the massive fish that it was last winter. I can’t say that I was disappointed with a recapture, far from it, but truth be told I’d rather have caught some of the other stunners from that venue that I haven’t caught yet. It would have been nicer to see this fish get caught by some of the other guys that are investing shedloads of time and effort in pursuit of it. Unfortunately those are things we can’t choose.

This fish must really like these Club Mix boilies though because it’s fallen to them on both occasions. The business end was identical to before too, being a khaki Unleaded leader, lead clip and Easy Strip hook link and a Nash Fang X hook.

One important conclusion that I made when putting the ‘Big One’ back was that, since it was crapping out boilie sludge, there was still bait out there and I had to be careful not to put too much more out so that I stood a chance of more action for the remainder of the session.

The second night was completely different. The nature in the surrounding woodland was really active, and so where the carp. Catching two fish, both mirrors with the biggest one topping 44lb was a good result and proof that the bait did get eaten because there were more fish arriving in the area. In the afternoon, a fish was lost due to a hook pull. Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose, I guess. Although I must admit that I felt gutted because it felt like a descent fish. Losing one is bad, but when it happens after some twenty minutes into a battle, it’s just heart breaking! Anyway, I’m convinced that even with all the so-called special rigs and adapted set ups hook pulls are impossible to avoid completely.

During the third and final night the effect of the storm died off a bit and things looked normal again. No surprise that with one more common of just under 30lb the session came to an end.

All in all this was yet another remarkable time on the bank. Looking at the weather forecast for the end of this week makes me think about taking two days off and go fishing… We’ll see what’s going to happen.

To be continued?

Geert Ooms