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A Brief Escape

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Last Updated: 9th November 2012

Recently I thought it was about time for a change of scenery. While I generally fish difficult, low stock, big-fish waters and spend loads of time watching the days go by without any action, I do enjoy seeing the indicators getting smashed against the rods from time to time. That’s the main reason for treating myself to an escape to a runs water for a couple of days.

Upon my arrival the weather was really mild for the time of year, which resulted in the carp being very active. There were fish showing everywhere, but like you would expect, most of them were crashing out on the sunnier, westerly bank. To pick a swim in this area was the most logical choice.

To my disbelieve, the first night passed without event. Surely this must have been due to the drastically change of weather. A foggy morning combined with an ice-cold wind made the carp move out of the area, into the deeper water on the opposite bank. After seeing a couple of fish blatantly showing I decided to up sticks and move around to the other side of this 40-hectare lake.

That same afternoon the first bite proved that I had made the right move. From then on, the action came more and more regularly and with the weather turning frosty and windy there were even more fish gathering in that same area. After two days, I‘d landed a dozen fish a day, mostly smaller fish up to 20lb and the odd thirty, but they were real stunners!

The weather turned for the worse and became stormy… and freezing cold! Luckily I could retreat to my Titan bivvy to seek shelter and warm up a bit. It’s funny, after several nights in the cold with no sleep I started to think of this song ‘nothing compares to you’, from twenty years ago, when I finally got in the warmth of my bivvy… So wrong, ha ha.

By the time I stopped counting how many I’d caught, it must have been around eighty or so, my stash of Red Herring, Club Mix and Secret boilies was running low, so my decision was not to fish on the last night of my stay. The decision was helped by the stormy conditions too. After some refreshing hours of sleep it was time to pack up and head home. While packing up in the pouring rain, I was already thinking that it was worth a go on one of my favorite syndicates, so I went home for a shower, grabbed some more boilies out of the freezer and went for a good night’s blanking. Oh boy, it felt good to be back and to have renewed motivation to endure the difficult angling for the coming autumn and winter.

Geert Ooms