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Like Nowhere Else On Earth

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Last Updated: 20th March 2013

I’ve just got back from an incredible carp expedition to the African continent. Africa is known as ‘A world in one country’ because of its colourful cultural heritage, tribal people, unspoiled wilderness, large number of game animals, stunning sunsets and much more. We tried to combine this with the urge to catch carp. Roderick Langaveld and myself travelled from the high fields from Johannesburg right through some spectacular country sides and one of the most famous wildlife reserves, the Kruger National Park

We planned the trip for the middle of January to this wild dam near the village of Tzaneen. I know this area very well because I was born here and I still do business with companies/people in this region.

The first days we baited heavy with the Solar Quench boilies and particles, and on the first night we had our first fish. We caught a lot of fish and enjoyed every minute with our local friends. But it wasn’t all about the fishing, it was also the adventure and meeting the local people and their culture which is rich and diverse.

Half way through the trip we had a big confrontation with a group of hippos, but thankfully, despite all of the rods being taken out by them, we came out of it okay. We heard the trumpet of an elephant in the wild while we were sitting around a roaring campfire under the sparkling stars, these where one of many unforgettable moments.

Now I’m back in a cold Holland writing this piece, I am getting homesick and thinking, ‘You can leave Africa, but Africa will never leave you’.

Ronald Margadant