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Spring Tip 5

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Last Updated: 5th April 2013


Roderick Langveld says:

“Spring is keeping us waiting this year and water temperatures not yet rising yet because we still have snow storms and freezing temperatures. Dealing with this early-season circumstances I use a high-attract hook bait with as little bait as possible. To make my hook bait as attractive as possible though, rater than just use a single hook bait, I use Solar’s Unique Up & Down Mix. I favour one of the fruity ones without any fishmeal ingredients, such as Quench, Top Banana or pineapple and while this amazing bait works excellently with zig rigs, I’ve also had great success fishing chod rigs in conjunction with it, tied up on a Contour Unleaded leader."

Check out underwater footage of the Up & Down Mix at - http://www.solartackle.co.uk/videos-articles/on-the-bank-videos?article=269