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Spring Tip 10

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Last Updated: 10th April 2013

Thomas Duncan-Dunlop says:

“One of my top tips for spring fishing would be the use of rock salt while your fishing either in your hemp, spod mix, PVA sticks or bags. The fish will be getting ready to spawn soon and they’re always looking out for a ‘mineral boost’ and I definitely think that the addition of salt to your baits gives you a edge.

“If I\'m using PVA mesh with salt in it, and I\'m attaching it straight to the hook, I always leave a ‘gap’ at the top of the bag that’s filled with groundbait only and no salt. On venues like Rainbow I\'m leaving my hook baits in place for up to seven days and I\'m sure that the salt can have a effect on the hook point after a long period of time and case it to rust.

“You can buy rock salt at any supermarket, but I try to get the best ones such as Maldon or Saxa. If you want to take it to another level, Himalayan rock salts can have up to 84 minerals in it and this is what I\'m now using for all my fishing!”