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Last Updated: 17th April 2013

Thomas Duncan-Dunlop says:

“Every spring, zig fishing becomes a bigger part of my armory rather than fishing hard on the bottom, as most of the carp we’re hoping to catch will be in mid water. The trick is the height/depth at which you present your hook bait. If it\'s been cold, like what this country has just encountered, I would start with my hook baits at around half depth. When the water temperature warms up then I would up it to around 3/4 depth, but this really is trial and error.

“ Hook bait choice is down the colour of the water. I normally use a bit of black foam in clear waters and brighter colours such as yellow/white in murky/cloudy waters, and flavour all my hook baits in Dairy Cream.

“The other trick I employ is to use Solar’s unique Up & Down Mix, which creates a food column from lakebed to surface, which can make the exact depth at which you place your hook bait less critical, because the p & Down Mix gets the carp searching ot food particles at all depths.”