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Spring Tip - 18

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Last Updated: 18th April 2013

Rogier Smit says:

“After catching the first few carp in the beginning of spring I change my tactics a little bit. I’ll put away the chod rig and single hook baits and start fishing longer, combi rigs over a little bait as the carp start to feed more aggressively and with more confidence. Underneath the 101 hook I will put a 14mm boilie and a small piece of a tiger nut, often fished over a little Growler Mix, hemp and a bit of Solar’s unique Up & Down Mix. Last but not least, I add a generous amount of Growler Juice. The Up & Down Mix is the most important ingredient in this mix because, as it’s so active, it attracts carp swimming in the mid and upper layers down to the baited area for a closer look.”