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Spring Tip - 22

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Last Updated: 22nd April 2013

Carl Sharp says:

“There have been a number of tips posted by Solar team members on using zig rigs in spring, which is indeed a great tactic as the carp will be spending a lot of their time in the upper layers soaking up the first decent rays of sun. When using zigs thogh, don’t be afraid to go ‘all out’ by using all 3 rods set at different depths to maximise your chances. Often people will only use one rod on a zig and will cuck it out in ‘hope’ rather than concentrating on it as a all-out tactic.

“One of the edges I use on my zigs, especially if many other anglers are using them on the same venue, is to glug the foam hook bait in some liquid attraction, with othe Solar Big Shot liquids being my choice.”