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A Window Of Opportunity

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Last Updated: 12th June 2013

 After returning early from my previous session I ‘d been observing the weather forecast closely in order to plan my next session in the best possible circumstances. Although only cold and grey weather was predicted, a two day warmer spell was about to break the monotony of this prolonged rainy period.

At work I wasn’t able to book a day of during these two sunnier days but on the first day after the rain would hit shore there was a possibility to have a day off of work. Knowing that no fish had been out during my absence combined with the fact that the effect of the warmth would manifest itself on the second sunny day and even on the day after the weather would become bad was enough to use this window of opportunity to catch another one.

Tuesday night saw me braving the traffic when I left straight from work to make my way to the lake. I wasn’t in a rush since the swim had been fished by someone without any results and a couple of hours without lines running through the water wouldn’t be bad. It wasn’t long before sunset that I had barrowed my gear to the swim, had a fair bit of seafood takeaway boilies  spread over the area and everything was ready for the night. I was confident that by now the bait had been eaten by many fish and they would definitely not ignore some free grub. All I had to do now was wait and see what was about to happen…

On Wednesday morning I woke up after an eventless night. No real surprise though because the bulk of the action that I received during the previous sessions came during daytime. The weather forecast proved to be bang on. The blue skies from yesterday made place for misty and overcast weather. Not really what I wished for but there isn’t really a way to alter the weather, is there?

In the early morning hours I caught two big old bream, which is usually not a good sign since they turn up when there’s no carp in the vicinity. With still a good part of the day left, I could only hope for one bite and honestly, sometimes one bite is all you need. Also this time it was that one bite that would change the events of the day when halfway through the afternoon one of my rods burst into life. Even though I was fishing far out, I could immediately feel that there was something powerful and heavy on the other end.  After slowly gaining line and getting the opponent halfway the distance to the bank everything went solid! I must say that my heart skipped more than one beat since this was a fish that I didn’t want to lose. From time to time during a fight I had carp burying themselves in the fast growing weedbeds but usually I managed to get them swimming again rather fast but this was no weedbed that caused the snagging.

It took some good twenty minutes of pulling out of different angles and waiting before I pulled just that little bit harder when the line pinged lose. I instantly saw the line parting to the right meaning that the fish was still on! What a relief that the line was up for the job and the hook held firm! I recently had filled my spools with 15lb NXT bullet braid, in the hope  to have finally found a decent sinking braid. Well, after two months of intensive use I can honestly say that this braid is even better than I could imagine. It’s extremely strong and I suppose that it’s stronger than the indicated 15lb braking strain. This line combined with the indestructible 101 hook helped tremendously to make this big fish eventually find its way to my bow loc landing net!

Anyway, once the fish passed in front of me in the gin clear water I knew that one of my target fish was on the end! This fish is the biggest in the lake and much sought after by many anglers. The fight finally ended in my advantage and once it was safe  in the net I shouted as loud as I could! What a joy! After unhooking this massive black mirror in the net I left him to recover a bit while I prepared the sling and scales. I knew it would be slightly over the 60lb mark and was well pleased to see the needle sinning around to 62.5lb (28,3kg). One down two more to go!

Usually I’m making self takes but on this occasion I rang a couple friends to do the honors because with a fish of this size it’s just easier to have some helping hands. Although the weather was far from ideal to get good shots the pictures turned out okay. Once the fish was put safely back it was time to pack up and head home with a wide grin on my face, counting down to the next attempt where I would be back for a bonus fish (or two). If you want to know how that all went, than keep an eye on this space!

Tight lines!