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Back For A Bonus

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Last Updated: 15th July 2013

After having caught the most desired of my three target fish I wanted to give the lake another try in an attempt to catch the remaining two target fish. Knowing that it would not be long before spawning I knew that time was running out as once the carp started their annual spawning ritual I would be off to pastures new.

So come Friday, the end of a busy work week, I was off. I’d tried to reschedule as many meetings and obligations as possible so that my calendar would offer me the opportunity to spend several days fishing without the headache of having to pack up and head back to work. Friday night saw me arriving at the lake to find, to my surprise, the swim that I fancied empty! It had been fished, but like the rest of this year’s results, captures were far and few between and nor was there any regularity to them, so most people gave up after a fruitless 48 hours.

The first days, namely the weekend, were a bit slow. Although I found that catching five from Friday to Monday was not such a bad result, it could have been better. By now I’d put in a fair amount of Seafood Take-Away freebies so some more fish would show up for a feed. I knew that with the weather improving it was going to be a matter of time before the fish gathered to spawn, so I prayed for them to come sooner rather than later. Last year there was a huge feeding spell just before everything went quiet, on the fishing front at least, as the fish smashed the reeds to bits only twenty four hours later as spawning got underway in earnest, and I must admit that I secretly hoped for the same thing to happen this year.

It was on Monday night that the lake switched on and produced five takes in less than two hours! For a moment it looked like as if it was impossible to keep the lines in the water. I even found myself playing two fish at the same time. Both were landed thanks to the two landing nets that I usually employ. The biggest of both commons went 43lb 9oz on the scales, so this was a bonus already. That night two more fish followed and one of them was Olga, a dumpy mirror that I’d seen in my net a couple of weeks before. Now though it was a bit up in weight at 46lb. It’s unbelievable how these carp keep coming back for more of these Seafood boilies! Olga was one of many that I caught more than once within my short spring campaign, with some others falling to my rods up to four times in this short time span.

During Tuesday I was impatiently waiting for more action, but nothing occurred until night-time when a stockie assured some action before going to bed. When I woke early on Wednesday morning, the lake looked dead, no fish were showing and the rods showed no signs of action either. Wednesday went on into Thursday and by noon I heard the sound that I expected to hear, the sound of carp spawning in the reeds on the opposite bank. For me this meant the end of my spring campaign and I could look back on a strange, irregular, but successful time putting the new Seafood Take-Away boilies to my advantage. It was time to move on and see what lay ahead on my quest for big carp.