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Welsey Lagaert

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Last Updated: 25th July 2013

At the start off May I had a full week off work, so hopefully the carp would put in an appearance during this time. It was still pretty cold, but at least you could see the odd carp sticking his head out, meaning that finally a few off them were waking up.  I kept on using my chod rigs, but also started trickling in some Club Mix boilies in the hope that some of the active carp would start to pick them up. This way I would start building up the swim in search of catching one of the big ones before spawning.

My fishing time was significantly cut down as both nursing our little precious, our new baby, was, and still is, quite demanding on our time. By the end of the week we received some warmer weather and finally the first carp was caught on the other side of the lake in the shallows. Two weeks later I had another week off work and finally I could spend a few extra nights out on the lake. The bait that I introduced definitely got eaten as I was catching big bream and the odd lovely tench, but Mr Carp was nowhere to be seen.

As I still saw some carp moving around, I started fishing bottom baits and snowman set ups and left the choddies in the tackle box. A few warm days passed and finally early one morning I was playing my first carp off the season. Just as I was thinking about a recast to a showing fish, my left hand rod placed in the deeper water signaled a take. I was on it in a flash and after a spirited fight I landed a plump mirror off 24lb. Finally off the mark and well happy!

Then, all off a sudden the weather changed from warm to cold, combined with a strong southwesterly wind. Maybe this break in weather would trigger the fish into feeding? But I wasn’t expecting too much as the water temperature was still pretty cold and I thought that the carp would be preferring the hot rays of sun. How wrong was I proved to be… in the night I remained fishless, but then it all switched on.

In a space of 10 hours I landed 6 carp. The biggest was a lovely, scaled mirror of 29lb. I kept at it and an extra fishing day was squeezed in, but all to no avail and no more action came my way. Funny game that fishing!

Meantime the path next to the lake needed some maintenance and a margin obstacle had to be removed, so a syndicate member called Angelo could use his crane from work and in a space of 2 hours the path and obstacle was cleared. Nice job done and all the anglers driving their cars around the lake were well sorted once more! After the brief, but hectic action I kept on baiting the swim every two days with a small amount of boilies as my English ‘brother’ Nick Helleur would arrive at the end off the week. The plan was to fish a night with me and then Nick would be off fishing with Geert Ooms in search off a real monster on a big pit near Brussels. Well, Nick arrived and as usual it was raining, definitely not the ideal conditions to start off the session. After landing a couple of little mirrors Nick packed up in the early morning and it was still pissing down with rain. We said our farewells and I wished him all the best at his new venture.

We were convinced that the sun would be the key element for success or failure. As luck would have it, Nick left and the sun came out only to totally disappear again a good 12 hours later. The heavens opened again and the torrential rain returned. Nick came back two days later, fished one more night in horrendous, cold conditions and went home early. How the weather can make or break a session.

The 2013 pre-season will be remembered in the books of history as the coldest over the last 40 years. Meantime a few more fish did get caught, but most of them during the daytime. As we have also started renovating my grand father’s house and building a new hairdressers salon for my wife, it speaks for itself that my time spent fishing is restricted to late nights through to the early hours. By now it was already the end of May and catching a carp at an average of one every 2 nights, I can’t really complain, especially given that I can’t fish during the best times, the daytime hours. Nevertheless, I would have liked to be catch a better stamp of fish as most of the carp weigh around 22lb.

Finally, the next weekend I could fish from Friday evening until Sunday morning, so hopefully I could catch some extra carp. I was still baiting up on a regular basis with the trusty Club Mix boilies, so at least I was prepared. This specific session I landed 5 carp, all during the daytime, with a 34lb mirror being the biggest. Another lovely 30lb common, which I left sulking for a bit in my landing net while I sorted out the camera gear only to have it jump out of the net and free itself before I was ready! Finally I’d started catching some better fish and hopefully there would be more to follow next weekend!

Well, believe it or not, the next day the outdoor temperature rose a good 10 degrees and this seemed to trigger the fish into spawning. Incredible, one day it was 10 degrees and the next it jumped to 20 degrees without warning. I simply feel we’ve lost spring and switched directly over to spawning, welcoming the summer. Well, every year is different and until now, 2013 hasn’t been what I’d been hoping for on the fishing front. The fish started spawning and my rods were tucked in the carp shed for a couple of weeks.

It was the end of June before my leads hit the lakes surface once more. The lake hadn’t received any pressure for a few weeks, as only Jurgen and Glenn kept putting their efforts in, but everybody else was nowhere to be seen. Glenn was rewarded most as he fished almost every night for at least 2 weeks in row, if not more.  If he wasn’t fishing, well then at least he was spreading out some bait. It seemed that a good group off fish was hanging around the plateau that he was fishing and he landed some of his target fish during this period. He was definitely well rewarded for his hard work!

I joked around that he could catch any single carp the lake, but I asked him to leave the Big Linear, which I d’ love to catch, for me. Until now he’s respected my wishes, so we’re still on speaking terms at the moment! It was obvious that the carp were hungry as on my first night I landed 4 carp and the night after another 3. Then the weekend after I had another 6, it was good fun, but no real special captures to report.  I kept priming my swim, kept landing many carp, but then stopped fishing again at the start off July as the weather became incredibly hot and the fishing slowed down a bit anyway.

I’ll probably re-start again halfway August and if I can land the same number of fish that I’ve caught in the last couple off weeks then I should be onto a winner!.


Until next time,