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The Ultimate In Bite Indication

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Last Updated: 11th July 2012

Solar’s Line Biter has been hailed by the boys that do a lot of continental fishing as a revelation in bite indication, especially when it comes to extreme snag fishing. These simple little devices really do give you an edge when it comes to a very quick bite indication, very often alerting you to a take before your alarm has sounded or bobbin moved.

I have been playing around with the Line Biters in my regular fishing of late and I think that they can benefit pretty much everyone. A few waters that I fish are pressured to say the least and can easily be compared with some of the very-tricky English waters. One particular venue is a very small lake where the fish are extremely line shy.

Most fishing is done in the edge and the Line Biter gives me the chance to fish my lines vertically up to the surface and therefore I’ve got no lines on the bottom. I’ve seen fish swim rounds around the rigs, even scratching the bottom with their pecs to feel for lines. Now that is something I’ve not seen on any underwater film so far! By using the Line Biter I can have my lines out of the water and even can see movement on the Biter when a fish is in the proximity of the rig. They’re incredible at early warning of a take or for building a far more accurate picture of fish movement in you swim than an alarm and bobbin alone ever could.

Dennis de Wilde