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20 Carp To 61lb!

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Last Updated: 23rd September 2013

I am lucky enough to have spent last week at Rainbow Lake in peg 14. It is not a swim I have fished before, but watched carefully in the past when fishing in a swim close by at a similar time of year in the past. The week before I arrived the swim fished really well as the next swim up, peg 12, was empty. I decided to fish short in my swim and try to give the fish an area where they could still feel some kind of safety. Well that was my plan and I was sticking to it. I'm no expert on Rainbow, in fact I'm quite a novice, and really what I'm after is a bite or two to confirm what I am doing is roughly along the right lines. 

I put two rods on the ends of the bars that run down the lake towards the swim. One over the back of a bar to the right and one next to a snag tree in the corner. Two scoops of bait on each and fingers crossed I trip one up. I had Club Mix on one rod. It worked so well for me on my last trip and well let’s face it the lake has seen a lot of it over the years. The other rods all had the new Seafood Take-Away as hook baits and free offerings. The Seafood baits were glugged in Marine 17, which is standard practice these days. To the bucket of Seafood 14mm and barrels I added a couple of kilos of hemp and a large handful of tigers and the Marine 17. As the bait went over the side of the boat it created a fantastic cloud that you know just screams fish and it made life simple to just lower my hook bait right in the middle over it. Simple. 

The first night I had 3 takes, the best of which was 48lb, which fell to the Club Mix. During the week I had action every day with no pattern developing for a bite time. You are always on edge at Rainbow never knowing when the rod will slam over. I was tired but the adrenaline just keeps you going. The Club Mix rod produced 5 bites during the week and I landed all of them, which is a result. One of the Seafood rods placed on the end of a bar started to kick in on Wednesday when I had 5 fish in one day off that spot. On the Friday afternoon whilst I was gently packing some stuff away for the long trip back the next day the rod slammed over but this time with a lot more power than on previous takes and you always hope it's going to be the big 'un. I headed out into the lake but felt the line going through some sort of snag. It's quite common at Rainbow and it quite often just pings off when you get a different angle on it. This time it didn't. Ok keep your cool Gascoyne and I got my 'lead-on-a-rope' that Lockey showed me to find the line as it came out of the snag on the fish's side if that makes any sense. I caught the line after a couple of goes and could feel the fish on the end. I now had a choice, cut the line where it joined the leader, wind the line back out of the snag and then re attach the line to the leader or hand lining the fish. Well the latter seemed like the best option. I've hand lined some pretty big fish in my life so I hung on. Without the cushion of a rod and using 40lb Unleaded as a leader I had to make sure I didn't apply too much pressure and pull the hook. It was brilliant fun, proper hart in mouth stuff with the fish coming up right next to the boat, rolling over and with a massive flick of it's tail soaking me as it headed off on another run. I was soaked and grinning like a fool. The next time the fish came to the surface it was right next to the boat and I quickly grabbed the landing net about the spreader block and scooped the fish up. Now that's a hippo I said out loud. Kev 'the camera' Ellis came around as did Broady and Arjin. The swim was full of people and a great buzz. Arjin recognised the fish with a butterfly shaped marking in it's head, I was just happy to have caught such a lump. It pushed the scaled around to 61lb and really did top off a great trip for me. I had one more fish about an hour latter bring the total for the week to 20 fish landed for 22 takes. 

I can't wait to my next trip, really I can't!

Myles Gascoyne.