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A Warm Welcome Back

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Last Updated: 24th September 2013

After an absence of six long weeks I finally made my way back to the big sandpit that I was fishing at the beginning of summer. Oh boy, did this feel good! Work had been catching up with me and there was the annual summer holiday with the missus that saw me hanging the rods in the cellar for a while. During these weeks of inactivity I’d been baiting up two different swim whenever the opportunity arose. Each time a couple of kilos of Club Mix boilies found their way to the bottom, ensuring that there would be something to feed on whenever a fish would swim by. As you can imagine, it was with great impatience that I was back to harvest the fruits of my baiting campaign.

The first two nights were spent in the first swim, one that was not that easy accessible, so Monday night saw me barrowing my kit to the swim. Because I had an on-call-service at work, I wasn’t able to go fishing far from home, but I figured that taking only the necessary gear would allow me to pack up and head for work in a short timespan if my presence would have been required in the factory.

To cut a long story short, these two nights fished without interruption from work and saw me land three fish, one 34lb common on the first night, a 35lb mirror during the following day and a 38lb mirror while packing up. What a result!

After fulfilling a couple of obligatory tasks I went straight back into the same swim, but not after I’d given the second swim another sprinkling of boilies. Unfortunately the night passed uneventfully although expectations were high because conditions looked spot on. I spent entire following day watching the water, but no sign of fish could be seen. By late afternoon I ordered a nice Chinese takeaway meal and figured it was time to go to the second swim. When I barrowed my gear away from the swim the inevitable thing happened: a loud splash signaled a carp that had just crashed out of the water making it clear that I had just lost the waiting game. With the meal ordered and everything packed down I was in serious doubt about what to do. Normally I would just have gone to get my food and return to the swim, but since my friend Mike was coming over from the UK to fish this very swim. So, I just gave the fish the middle finger, went to get my food and returned with a small bucket of bait and spread it over the area. Not hammering a swim and baiting up would only benefit Mike’s results, so I was really impatient to see what was going to happen next week.

It was up to swim 2 for me, still in doubt that I’d made the right decision. The pit holds a low stock and any sign of fish is good enough to stay put. The moon was rocking, leading towards the full-moon phase and I knew that this incites the carp a lot on this venue. Also the weather was stormy, but it was about to become more stable after the moon set, as it usually does in this neck of the woods. Looking back, I’m glad that I made the decision to crack on because the second swim was very kind to me. In the following 48hours four fish saw the inside of my landing net, all commons with only one small fish of 15lb, two thirties and an immaculate 43lb 11oz warrior! Well, what can I say, the tone is set so this week I’ll be off to the big pit for another 48hours and then it’s off to Rainbow for a week. Lovely times!

Geert Ooms


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