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The Chinese Takes It Away

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Last Updated: 11th July 2012

After recent captures I’d certainly got the taste for more! That’s why I took two days off work to have a go at a sand pit that I’d only fished once before a couple of years ago.  

I’ve always been convinced that the Chinese Take-Away had a lot of potential as a bait, even though I’d struggled a bit on another water were massive, voracious breams caused me problems. I just knew that almost any type of bait would have difficulties to resist the attacks of these snotties and I had to give it a go on a water that would have a more or less normal stock of carp  (and bream, for that matter!). The fact that this water has been fished for over twenty years would help to show what this bait was worth.

Prebaiting the water only once, a couple of days before my session had to be sufficient to give them a taste for it and get them feeding with some confidence, at least, that’s what I silently hoped.

While prebaiting, and fishing, I soaked half of my boilies with a mixture of salmon oil and stimulin amino compound to achieve different levels of attraction - the salmon oil resulting in vertical attraction, the stimulin in horizontal and the unsoaked boilies for the normal attraction.

All this theory was put in to practice by the capture of six fish, the biggest being a 37lb mirror and 38lb 5oz common. They were cracking looking, dark colored fish. It was no surprise to me when I found chilli flakes in the sack after I’d returned them as these carp had devoured the spicy baits, digested and excreted some of them too.

Most were caught on an running rig with backstop set up on an Unleaded leader. The hook link consisted of Easy Strip material with a Stronghold Longshank size 8 at the end.

I hardly can’t wait to go back to have another go!

Tight lines!

Geert Ooms