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Wesley Lagaert's Carp Diary - September 2013 (Part 2)

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Last Updated: 17th October 2013

The next Friday I found myself fishing together with Alain Servais on a big, deep lake near his home. Alain concentrated all his efforts this year on this low-stocked lake with some great results, but it has been really hard going! Alain is a big fan of the new Seafood Take-Away bait and by morning we had landed 3 commons. I had the biggest at 33lb, which is result because 90% off the lake’s inhabitants are really small, wild commons… My ‘holiday’ was going well and I was eager for more…

I returned to the lake a couple of times through the rest of September together with Alain, but I am still waiting for my second take from there! By now the weather had changed and a warm southwesterly combined with a full moon just in time for my 4-day session, it couldn’t have fallen into place better!

Because I had some days at my disposal I started fishing over 8kg off freebies spread over a big area. I didn’t have to wait long as by 11am the next day I had 2 takes at the same time. Luckily two of the lake’s regulars, Angelo and Jurgen, were having a social in my swim and they gave me a helping hand.

The first carp was soon in the net and then I started playing the second one. This one felt much heavier and moved a lot slower. It tried to snag me a few times along the left margin, so I had to give it a bit more ‘stick’ than I would have liked to keep it away from danger. Luckily it came out only to fall off the hook when it was almost at the net. The lads behind me saw it in the water and said that it was a really good common. Well, you win some and you lose some, but I would have loved that particular carp in the net.

On a brighter note, the fish were on a feed, so the next couple of days looked pretty good. The rest off the day remained fishless and I went to bed full of expectation for more action.  Around midnight I received another take, which resulted in a stockie.  I took the decision to Spomb another kilo of bait out, as I expected that most of it would have been eaten by now.

By noon the next day I’d had another four takes, and the biggest was a lovely, scaled mirror off 37lb. I baited up again a good amount of Club Mix boilies and left my rods in for the afternoon to rest the swim. Evening fell, the rods were repositioned and as predicted the weather changed from pretty calm to a strong southwesterly wind combined with quite a bit off rain. My first take came before midnight, but it fell off immediately as I picked up the rod. I didn’t have to wait long for the next one either as the other rod was away, resulting in a lovely 26lb mirror, which was quickly followed by another two carp.

It was the last night, a full moon and I was hoping for one big fish before going to Spain with family. That night I received another 3 takes, but not the big ’un I was hoping for. At 9am I was stood by the lake playing a hard fighting carp, probably my last before packing up, which kept diving deep. Well aware that I had finally hooked into a big carp I thought that I glimpsed a line of scales along its flank as the carp rolled on the surface, so I started getting nervous as there was a good chance that the target fish I had been after for years was finally on the end.

A few minutes later my ‘most wanted’ was finally sliding over the net cord followed by a loud cheer! There it sat, in my net, a fish that I’d been wanted to catch for years, a big, long perfect linear!

She weighed just over 44lb, and landed on the last day of my session - incredible.  After taking the pictures, I put her back and she left me speechless, but incredibly happy. What a session, 15 takes resulted in 13 fish and every single day I landed carp.

I was literally flying high as the next day we were on the plain for a well earned holliday!

Until next time

Wesley Lagaert