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Overnight Success

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Last Updated: 11th July 2012

Last weekend, after a busy end to work and after doing some repairs at home on Saturday, I wasn’t really supposed to go fishing. Having spent more time at work than at home, my girlfriend would have appreciated me being around for the weekend, but as it goes the need to be on the bank became unbearable towards Saturday evening. In an urge to drive down the lake before sunset the van was quickly loaded and off I went, on the motorway, facing the torrential rain that has been ever present this summer.

I pulled and pushed my barrow over the muddy track towards the swim that I’d fished the previous weeks. I didn’t do any prebaiting on this occasion because I simply hadn’t found the time to do so and, as I mentioned before, this overnighter wasn’t planned at all. Having put in a fair amount of bait while fishing the lake during the past weeks I hoped that would be enough to keep them interested and feeding. The fish were already keen on the Chinese Take-Away boilies, so no need for further introduction.

While setting up darkness fell and it was about time for a couple hours of sleep. Of course that was wishful thinking because I was stung to bits by dozens of mosquitos that were seeking shelter from the rain underneath my oval umbrella. I must have finally dozed off because the next time I opened my eyes I saw a new day arriving. The clouds had gone and the sun was slowly rising into a steel blue sky. A bit disappointed by the lack of action I wrapped myself a bit deeper in the bag in order to try and sleep some more. Next thing I remember was waking up to a couple of bleeps on my right-hand rod that was fished just down the marginal shelf of the opposite bank. Upon taking the rod and reeling down tight it felt like a good one.

After a slow and steady fight a wide shouldered mirror graced the spreader block of my Bowloc landing net. On the unhooking mat I found the hook nicely settled in the center of the bottom lip. Yeah, a hook hold to die for! On weighing, the scales settled at just over 37lb - what a start of a new day.

After repositioning the rod on the exact same spot I watched the birdlife recovering from the nasty weather we’d lived through last night. Soaking up as many rays of sun, it was like heaven to be out there and this sense of wellbeing probably contributes big deal to my need to go fishing.

And it only got better when the rod which was fished on a couple of bars at long range burst to life. This carp wasn’t planning on giving up easy and an exciting fight where the fish weeded up several times ensued, but the fish finished up safely in the mesh of the landing net. Another old stunner with an extremely wide tail and linear like scales on his dark colored body. After weighing it at 32lb and photographing this stunner it was high time to pack up and head home. My girl saw a very exhausted but happy man arriving on the driveway of our house.

Geert Ooms