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It's A... Sixty!

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Last Updated: 11th July 2012

Last week on Friday afternoon I received a text message that would change the entire planning of what was supposed to be a scheduled busy week fishing on different venues in different countries. The reason for this sudden change of plans was that there was a swim at Rainbow free due to a cancellation. Although this would be a really last-minute session I felt it was worth a go, as everyone would I suppose.

On Friday night a batch of 14mm Club Mix boilies was rolled using the awesome Squid & Octopus flavor, topped up with a little bit cream flavor and liquid candy sweetner. This would surely do the job and I rate this combination so high that I would use it on absolutely any venue. It’s always to your advantage to know that you don’t have to worry about the bait you’re using so you can focus on the fishing itself.

Anyway, after the never ending drive towards Bordeaux I arrived at the gates of the mythical venue. Deer were feeding on the side of the road, amazing! Nature ‘s always a bit overwhelming there. At night you only hear a lonely owl calling for a partner and that’s it. No cars, trains, plains,… just the quietness and the pitch black darkness. Even though I’m not a regular visitor of the venue, I always appreciate a week’s holiday fishing over there.

As it turned out, the swim I was fishing was not the best one for the moment and fishing turned out pretty hard. Getting 1 bite each 24 hours was the best I could do. Maybe fishing further towards the next swims water would have given more action, but you still need to get them out without loosing them in the snags, don’t you? It took me until the famous ‘big Thursday’ to get a real big ‘un. In the burning southerly sun, just in the afternoon I netted a really big mirror. I gave Arjen, who was fishing a swim further a shout that this was a good one. When arriving ashore Arjen and my mate Rupert were already waiting with impatience to find out what exactly was in the confines of my Bowloc landing net.

“Now you’re about to see something sliding on to the unhooking mat,” I said just before my boat hit land. After exact weighing the scales settled at 30.1kg (66lb 7oz). What a stunner!

At the end of my week I only received five bites that resulted all in a fish in the landing net. No fish were lost and that’s a very important thing to me.  All by all another fabulous week on an incredible site. Can’t wait for the next occasion to go back.

Geert Ooms