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Shaking Off The Winter Blues

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Last Updated: 16th July 2012

Winter this year, 2010/2011, seemed to last longer than others. Exactly why that was I really do not know. Maybe it was because of the extreme snowfall in December and January. Even in the flat Netherlands we imagined ourselves in the Alps for a short while. However, this year the crocuses sprung from the ground again at the sight of the first sunbeams and I made myself ready for the first session of the year.

The desire for carp is big after a winter period of little/no action. With the water temperatures still beneath 7oC I make my way to the waterfront. For the first session of the year I had planned two nights on my local water. With temperatuures dropping to minus 2oC in the night I wanted to tip the odds in my favour by fishing a venue that I knew. To be behind my fishing rods after such a long time made me happy enough. It is pure enjoyment with this winter sun on the cold water.

I dropped two lines alongside the fringe of a reed bed on my right and left, with both spots not even being 5ft deep. By wading along the margin I could see all of my free offering laying among the bottom debris in the clear water and decided to use a chod rig baited with a bright-pink, The Secret dumbbell, which was surrounded by some Club Mix boilies soaked in Balachem, which creates a sweet, white cloud around my chody. Amazing!

During the daytime little happened, but as I suspected a few fish crept into the shallow margins during the hours of darkness. In two, frosty nights four carp could not resist the The Secret dumbbell. A fantastic first session in Holland that made the winter rust disappear and kickstart the new year. It is going to be a beautiful fishing year for sure.

Have Fun

Roderick Langeveld