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Success On A Pressured Venue

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Last Updated: 16th July 2012

In the second week of March, in the midst of my extremely busy working schedule, I suddenly had the opportunity to take three days off. Without giving much thought to how I would make use of these three days I grabbed my fishing gear and made the six-hour drive to central France. Without any kind of planning I parked my bus on the side of a public water of 12 acres.  This particular water is quite heavily pressured and it is visited throughout the year by many carp anglers. This influx of anglers is of course not without reason, because the stock on this small water is absurdly good.

This time, the furthest two corners of the water were already occupied by two anglers when I arrived. Having arrived in the dark I made the decision to park my bus alongside the water as far away as possible from the other anglers. Because I can sleep in my bus there was no need to set up a bivvy or anything like that and I immediately got on with the task of getting the rods out.

As I was sorting my rods I watched the other anglers dropping their rigs from a boat. It soon became obvious that the boats were stopping in the centre of the lake each time, and this is where their cargo was dropped.

Armed with this information I decided to keep my lines close, almost underneath my own bank, and se a minimal amount of bait. My three, 4in-long rigs were baited with a single, Club Mix boilie and wrapped in a PVA bag filled with matching Club Mix Pellets and crushed boilies.
With everything in position I was just getting ready to crash out in the bus when one of the rods burst into life, the culprit being a mirror carp of 12kg (26lb 7oz)… The spectacle had begun!

The whole night I was kept busy and carp of 13kg (28lb), 14kg (30lb), 16kg (35lb), 19.2kg (42lb) and 21.4kg (47lb) kept me awake until the next morning.

Having now been awake for 24 hours I crashed out into a deep coma. When I awoke, around noon, I stepped out of my bus to see that the anglers had multiplied and that two extra tents had positioned themselves close to me.

I stuck with my tactics for the second night and the following day, but all remained quiet. On the final night I decided to leave the two rods on the left, close to the bank, and put the third rod out in the middle of the lake on a single hook bait. Again, everything remained quiet all night. I woke at 7am to a screaming run on the rod positioned out in the middle. Soon enough I was up to my waist in the 8oC water for a good 20 minutes. Eventually the battle tipped in my favour and just before the journey home I was posing for a photo with a round 23.5kg (51lb) mirror carp.

With a smile from cheek to cheek I drove into the Netherlands in the afternoon, ready to get some work done again.

Have Fun, Roderick Langeveld