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The Rewards Of A Three-Year Campaign

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Last Updated: 16th July 2012

In past years I have been hunting a big Linear carp from a very pressured lake in Holland. I caught plenty of fish from this venue, but unfortunately could not catch this specific fish, which was of course the one I wanted most. After tree years of trying I decided to move on and explore other waters, but this fish was still in the back of my mind.

I planned a one-night session on this venue, Pentecost, and when I arrived the place was really packed. It was so busy that I ended up setting up on in the only spot that was free. The whole day passed quietly and at sunset I saw some fish cruising around on the surface in the middle part of the lake.

I did not hesitate and rowed out a single, Solar Bunspice pop-up and placed some Up & Down mix around it. The hook link was very simple, just a Solar stronghold Wide Gap hook tied to 14lb mono. It took no more than ten minutes when a massive before a huge back broke the surface. It went straight for the yellow pop-up and took it on the first time of asking. A long fight ensued and after 25 minutes I netted the massive Linear that I was after for so many years.

She weighed 48lb, and I must say that I was over the moon!

Keep hauling, Ronald Margadant