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Wesley Lagaert's Carp Diary - June 2011

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Last Updated: 6th August 2012

Friday June 10th saw us, myself and my mate Kurt, arrive at the green fence of carp heaven in Bordeaux, France, namely Rainbow Lake. Fridays on this water are turning out to be evenings not to be missed, as quite a few anglers from all over the world trn up for a social and a sniff of the fantastic atmosphere that surrounds this venue.

he fishing was quite calm on our arrival and hopes were high that the fishing could pick up during our stay. We were bound for a week in swim 5 and well up for it! The usual Saturday of unpacking and working all day to get everything sorted on the bank was went as normal, although I have to admit that I didn\'t wake up very well and had a bit off a headache...wonder why? Just before dark though everything was in place and we were soon looking ahead to a week’s holiday.First take ocurred in the middle of the night off of my right side on a spot near a tree that had fallen into the water.  After a bit off a fight my first Rainbow carp off the session was in the net weighing a little over 44lb - result. Sunday past without a take and Monday morning greeted my mate Kurt with a fantastic mirror of 27.2kg (59lb). Hope\'s were high and we expected more action during the day, but nothing happened. At midnight I received three takes in three hours, resulting in a mirror of 14.2kg (31lb) and two commons of 12.2kg (26lb) and 16.2kg (35lb). 

Late afternoon the following day Kurt\'s long-distance rod burst into life, resulting in a mirror of 14.4kg (31lb). Then he went on to land a common of 19.4kg (42lb) on the Wednesday afternoon. In the evening my margin rod come into life and after pulling the fish away from a snag we both jumped into the boat in pursuit to land the carp. The battle wasn\'t that explosive and soon a great shape slid over the net cord, followed by a loud cheer! We both new that this was one of the monster carp which inhabit this fantastic lake.  The carp named The Ken Dodd fish weighed an awesome 36.8kg (81lb) and Alijn Danau and Arjen Uitbeijerse came over to do the honours with the camera. It was really nice to share a special moment like this with some good friends and proper anglers. The pictures were taken in the water for the fish’s safety and everything went really smooth.

That night none of us banked another carp and we all got a much-needed, good night’s kip. By now it was Thursday morning and the last two days of the week were upon us, and these are often the most productive. Well, not this time as Kurt only landed another common off 12kg (26lb) in our last 48 hours on the lake.

Over the course of the week it seemed that there weren\'t a large amount of carp in our section of the lake, but at least we had landed two really ‘proper’ ones. We had a great week, received nine takes and landed all off them, which is honestly a result on its own!  All our fish were landed on the ever productive, Solar Club Mix boilies with a combination off Squid & Octopus and Ester Cream.
Wesley Lagaert