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Wesley Lagaert's Carp Diary - May 2011

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Last Updated: 6th August 2012

Having returned from a successful trip to Rainbow May was already due upon us.  The weather was really hot and fish had spawned a few days previous. As I had planned to do some working around the house during May, fishing was almost a no go... and honestly with a new PB common recently under my belt, I wasn\'t too disappointed either.

My mate Nick was fishing in France and after having quite a few good \'uns, headed over for a bit off a social and to fish a couple of nights nights. He arrived late in the afternoon and was soon baiting up the swim with a mixture of boilies and particles, one spot at long range and another in the margins. Once that was all out off the way it was time to relax and enjoy a proper Belgian beer.

It wasn\'t before long he was playing one of the stockie mirrors which had been introduced the year before.  To make a long story short, Nick stayed for two nights and managed to land more then 25 carp. It was more then a hectic two days and my only fishing during the month off May was playing some fish on Nick’s rods as he had multiple takes the whole day through. A few good twenties were among them, but overall it wasthe stockies that attacked his Red Herring baits time and time again.

Well a good time was had and I was really pleased to see the stockies were putting on a bit off weight and were in good shape.

Wesley Lagaert