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Wesley Lagaert's Carp Diary - January/February 2012

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Last Updated: 6th August 2012

As usual, January 2012 was a ‘family’ month, so quiet on the fishing front. It was of course a time filled with many outings and the sometimes obligatory beer-abuse.

Long, cold, dark winter nights make my fishing hart beat slowly and keep my fishing spirit at a low level.  When I have some spare time I try to do some pike fishing, but to no avail so far this year and soon I found myself in the warmth off  the house once more, doing pretty much nothing.

It’s not all bad news as of course preparations have to be made for the coming season. Magazine subscriptions have to be renewed and three licenses are bought.  A license for the Integra Lake, one for the Duck Lake and a third one for a big lake close by which is getting more and more interesting for the near future. Regular visits to, or from, mates keeps the fishing talk going on and of course some open days in nearby shops have to be attended. The biggest show to attend with the complete Solar team is of course one NOT to missed, namely Carp Zwolle on February 4th and 5th.  This is THE show were everybody is at their best and the first time we all get to meet each other in the new year.

Friends from all over the country are catching up with each other and new friendships are being made every year. Despite the harsh weather and difficulties getting to the show due to heavy snow it was again a big success and many laughs were had by all!

As Solar Tackle was celebrating its 25th anniversary the whole team wanted to give Martin Locke a special attention present to mark the occasion, and there’s no better way to do that in public at the show. Geert Ooms arranged the birthday cake, Alain Servaes the Champagne and Dennis De Wilde brought along the present, a picture off an 80lb+ Rainbow-common on canvas which we all bought together.  Martin is a top bloke, the team is just great company and appreciated by everybody, so we raised our glasses and drank up the next 25years.

The two days went down very well on the stand and the launch off the new Khaki Contour Unleaded worked a treat. We said our farewells late afternoon on the Sunday when we left the show and everybody got home safely.

As winter kept playing hard ball and all the lakes were frozen over it was time to get the ice skates on and try not to break a leg. We’ve been spending a full weekend on the ice, drinking Glûhwein among other activities and checking out the shallower spots through the ice.  As the ice was really clear, we could see several feet down and make up the bottom contours. It was on Saturday afternoon that we found a big common dead lying on the bottom.  We estimated it to be around 44lb, but we couldn’t identify it immediately.  Once the lake thawed after a few days the fish came to the surface and was one known as The White Negerin, a well-known but old original, which I never had the pleasure off catching.  It was on my most-wanted list for years and I was well and truly gutted. Well, you can’t catch them all, but meantime all the anglers have to be happy that we stocked the lake two years in a row with new blood as the original, big fish are really old and they don’t live forever.