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Wesley Lagaert's Carp Diary - April 2012

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Last Updated: 6th August 2012

The weather keeps throwing showers of rain our way coupled with cold winds, but once and a while the carp can be seen jumping.  This only means one thing, they are finally waking up. With this in mind I decided to fish for the weekend with the same tactics as I had done previously, fishing singles and snowman setups at range, and only an hour after casting out I’d received a take resulting in a 24lb mirror.

So, enthused by the quick action I was fully expecting to catch a few more carp, but it just wasn’t to be. By Sunday morning all the tackle was packed away with just the one carp on my tally. More and more fish could be seen jumping over the weekend, which made me decide to put a bit off bait in during the week.

Only a few kilos were introduced with the aid of a Spomb and the Free Spirit Spomb rod. I baited on top of the plateau and on both sides of it in the deeper water in the hope that’d get the carp interested.

The next Saturday I was fishing for the first time on the Duck Lake together with my mate Alain. This lake is run by the VBK and can only be fished by members.  It is a really nice lake with a big island in the middle, nice swims and a good head of carp with, I think, around eight being over 40lb. The session ended in a blank, but a good social was had.

Back home I was already sorting out the rods to do another night fishing from my garden, the joys off living at the lake!  My four Hi’ S rods were cast to the baited spots on and around the plateau and before midnight I’d landed three bream. At least I knew that my bait was being eaten, but did the carp stand a chance of finding it, or had the bream cleared everything out? I then made the decision to bait up with 3kg off boilies in the middle off the night to see what would happen. Well, I had a good night’s sleep and at 9am my left-hand rod, which was placed in the deeper water just off the plateau, tore off and I was soon playing an angry carp.  The carp stayed in the deep water and gave me a very spirited fight and while playing it I saw at least four other fish jumping out over the baited area. Eventually I netted a nice, round mirror, which tipped the scales at 33lb. I put the fish into a recovery sling, cast the rod back out and then took the pictures, “No time to waste,” I thought and the sooner the rod was back on the spot, the better.

The fish kept showing but I didn’t bait up anymore and an hour later my middle-rod, placed on the shallowest spot, was away. This resulted in double-figure mirror and I was well happy as the plan had worked. Other anglers around the lake were also catching a few carp now, so it was clear that they probably would be going ‘on the munch’.

By this time the new Solar 101 hooks were delivered to my doorstep and with the fishing picking up, or so it seemed, it was the perfect time to start using them. The weather forecast was getting better, with a south westerly wind predicted along with a few hours of sun and a bit off rain.  In my book, that’s fishing weather! As my mate Alain and I had planned a three-day session together, this type off weather could be just what we needed.

I’d baited quite heavily throughout the week and hoped to keep the carp moving in our area of the lake. Friday afternoon eventually arrived and soon we found ourselves fishing and having a fresh Jupiler. While unpacking we saw some fish jumping out so we were pretty confident that the baiting up had worked.

Around midnight I received the first take and after a good fight my mate netted a big mirror. I was quite shocked when I looked down in the net as there lay The Half Linear in all her glory.  It’s not only one of the loveliest mirrors in the lake, it is also a really difficult fish to catch and it seemed that she was on her best ever weight too. The weight was 19.9kg, just under 44lb, and I was over the moon.

A few celebratory beers were drunk, but soon my mate Alain was called upon as one off his rods needed some attention. This one turned out be a double-figure mirror, but was soon followed by another mirror off 33lb. The next day I was the lucky sod again as I landed another mirror off 42lb, one called Jerome.  This plump mirror was stocked three years ago at the weight off 24lb, so you can imagine that he’s settling into his new home well.

Well, the first 24-hours of the session were already successful and we had a great time at the lake. We kept catching throughout the session as the weather got warmer and the BBQ was brought out. In three days we managed a further four carp with three off them over 30lb. We received takes on almost all of our rods, which meant that the carp were really moving around and looking for food. Our hook baits were soaked in Big Shots and all of the takes came on snowman set ups.