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Wesley Lagaert's Carp Diary - May 2012

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Last Updated: 6th August 2012

Following the success I enjoyed in April from the plateau area, I kept priming up the swim with boilies in the hope of hooking another big one before the spawning would set in.  I honestly didn’t think they would spawn any time soon as the weather was still cold for the time off year and the water temperature hadn’t even reached the much-needed 18oC. 

How wrong could I be! In the first weekend of May I had loads and loads off bream, but on Sunday finally a 33lb+ mirror slipped into the net, but catching all those bream wasn’t a good a sign as I was soon to found out.

I kept on baiting up with small quantities of boilies and hoped that the carp would again move in. It was all to no avail though. The sun came out for only a few days, but seemingly this was enough for the carp to move into the shallows in great numbers and stay there for a couple of weeks.

I fished one more night, but kept on catching bream so that meant the end of the fishing on that lake for a while. A friend of mine, Jurgen, who was fishing in the shallows had many, many days off work and he almost gave himself a hernia with the amount of carp he was catching.

Sadly, a forth big mirror of 44lb+, the Snep Mirror, was found dead a couple of days later and my fingers were crossed that it would be the last one!

For the time being though, the rods were tucked away and some quality time with my wife was spent on one off the Greek islands, Corfu.